Geese and Contact List Builder Leadership

Geese and Contact List Builder leadershipYou ask, “What do geese have to do with leadership?” Geese can help teach our Contact List Builder (CLB) members a lot of things; like leadership, for example.

Geese fly as a group in a V formation with the leader at the point of the V. As each goose flaps its wings, it creates an uplift for the bird following it. Flying this way increases their flying range by 70%.

If a goose falls out of formation, it will feel the drag and resistance of flying solo and quickly move back into position. If the lead goose gets tired, it falls back and another goose flies to the point position to lead.

The geese flying in the formation honk to encourage those up front to keep up their speed.

When a goose gets sick or wounded and falls, two geese follow it down to help protect it. They will stay with the goose until it either recovers or dies.

They will return to their group, if possible. If not, they will create a new formation.

Here is a short video on The Flight of Geese.

I believe this is why the CLB Skype groups are such an important part of our daily routines. We try to emulate the wisdom of geese.

  • Stand with each other
  • Use our skills and talents to work like a team
  • Make a formation with those who go the way we want to go
  • Take turns with leadership and help one another
  • Encourage each one of us to step forward
  • Always help one another in sickness and in health


This post is adapted from comments by Janice McNicol in one of today’s CLB Skype groups.

If you would like to join some of the Contact List Builder Skype groups, but are not yet a member, just fill in your information on the form on the right-hand side of the page and Submit it. By the way, CLB is free to join. You are welcome to become a member and share your leadership.