You can use faucet programs to help earn Satoshi to fund your Bitcoin wallet.

  • BTC faucets are similar to “Paid-to-Click (PTC)” sites where you get paid to click and are exposed to ads.
  • Faucet programs are FREE to join and use because the screen is full of ads.
  • Their income is based on you clicking on ads and joining other programs, so STAY FOCUSED, concentrate on earning Satoshi, NOT spending money by clicking on the ads to join more programs.
  • Share your referral links for the faucet programs and earn referral commissions.
  • Open two or three faucet programs in your browser. Leave them open all day and click on them every time you can. With some of them, you can turn on a sound to alert you when it is time to earn again.
  • When you have enough to withdraw, send it to your Bitcoin wallet. You can set some of the faucets to automatically send funds to your wallet when the balance reaches a certain level, or on a time schedule, like weekly.


Here are some faucet programs that I use to earn Satoshi for my Bitcoin wallet. Click on the banner to go to the faucet site to join as my affiliate.

Many times when you click on the CLAIM button, in addition to processing your claim for Satoshi, your browser will also open another window and take you to another program’s site. Keep focused on what you are doing; CLOSE that window and keep earning Satoshi on the faucets you have already joined.


Claim With Me

  • Go back every 5 minutes, solve a captcha and claim SatoshiGo back ever.
  • Get a higher balance before withdrawing funds from this one because the withdrawal fee is 50,000 Satoshi.



Bonus Bitcoin

  • Go back every 15 minutes, solve a captcha and claim up to 5,000 Satoshi.



Moon Bitcoin

  • Go back every 5 minutes, solve a captcha and earn more Satoshi.



Take Free Bitcoin

  • Go back every 5 minutes, solve a captcha and earn 7 to 18 Satoshi
  • Earn even more on bonus rounds.



Free Bitcoin

  • Go back every hour, solve a captcha and earn Satoshi.
  • Roll the dice. How much you win depends upon the number you roll.
  • Once your balance is high enough (30,000 Satoshi), you’ll be earning 4% interest, compounded daily.



My Paying Crypto Ads

  • Purchase Ad Packs and earn.
  • View Cash Links and earn.
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