How to Shop at ClubShop

There are three options to join ClubShop:

  1. As a Shopper Member. Get paid to shop online at the ClubShop Mall and offline with ClubShop Rewards card merchants.
  2. As an Affiliate Member. Get paid to shop and get paid to refer people to become members.
  3. As a Trial Partner. Get paid to shop and get paid to refer people and have your own ClubShop Rewards Mall, global sales organization and home business.

Choose Your Membership.

Regardless of which membership you choose, the first step is to become a member of ClubShop. CLICK HERE to get started for FREE.

If you only want to SHOP, choose the Sign Up button under the section labelled Shopper Member.

My recommendation is to sign up as a Trial Partner which is still FREE, and even if you later decide to use ClubShop only as a Shopper, you will be fine.

Fill Out the Form

After you have chosen your membership level, fill in your information. Use a valid email address so you won’t miss the email containing the verification link. If you don’t see the email in your Inbox, look in the Junk or Spam folders. They do not ask for payment information, just information necessary to get you started.

Verify Your New Account

After submitting the form with your details, you will receive TWO emails: one to confirm your ClubShop Rewards registration, and a second one to welcome you to ClubShop Rewards. The second email will contain your login information.

Your First Time in ClubShop

If you subscribed as a Shopper, you will be taken to the ClubShop page. Look around and begin shopping to earn cash back.

If you subscribed as a Trial Partner, you will be taken to the Dashboard for your Affiliate Business Center. Click on Shopping & Rewards in the top menu to look around and begin shopping to earn cash back.

Your First Purchase

The first thing you need to do is choose the country where you live so you will see stores in your country; however, you can shop in stores in any other country as well.

Make sure you are still logged in, then choose either a particular store’s name OR a category to browse for items that interest you. Select items to place them in your Shopping Cart.

To finalize the purchase, create an account for this particular store, enter your ClubShop Member ID (looks like YN1234567) and proceed to pay for your items.

When you return to ClubShop you will see CASH BACK for your purchased items. Sometimes it may take a few days for you see the CASH BACK because some stores will credit your account AFTER the item has been delivered to you. There is NO need to worry if you don’t see the CASH BACK right away. It will appear.

Is that all there is at ClubShop?


If you are a stay-at-home mom or dad, or between jobs, or even if you just want to earn some extra income, ClubShop is a very good choice for you to earn some very serious recurring money.

BUT, let me tell you straight, if you decide to go for it, DO IT with full force. Don’t just “think” about it, DO IT! ClubShop is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It is a serious network affiliate program that requires your attention, just as much as any regular brick and mortar business.

CLICK HERE to take a closer look at earning cash back for your shopping.


  • By submitting a request for a FREE ClubShop Rewards Membership I agree to accept email or phone calls from ClubShop Rewards for both their consumer and business opportunities.
  • This is not a ClubShop Rewards sponsored or endorsed website. This site is not maintained by ClubShop Rewards and is independently maintained by the owner of the site. This site has been created in English in order to provide information to prospective members in this language.