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Hold your mouse over Income Streams on the menu at the top of this page. Although these pages give you very brief overviews of a variety of income streams, I highly recommend that no matter what your primary business is, you begin with Contact List Builder (CLB).

Janet Legere, the owner of CLB, will help you get your thoughts organized and get your efforts organized so you get the best bang for the buck with CLB and the programs in CLB’s downline builder. Janet has reorganized the setup process and takes you through everything, step-by-step. You do not have to think, just READ AND DO and you will be up and running in no time, building your list and making money.

Each page contains a link or links that will take you to the affiliate website where you can find out more information about each program.

Are you ready to get started building YOUR LIST with Contact List Builder (CLB) for your multiple income streams?

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