Are Your Finances in Order?

This topic may not seem too important to you right now, but it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, especially if you actually expect to receive your commissions. Why?

  • In order to join some of the marketing programs and tools, you need to be able to pay the membership fees. You can use a DEBIT card for some programs, and payment processors for other programs.
  • Many programs pay your commissions to your payment processor accounts, so if you don’t have any payment processor accounts, then you DO NOT receive your commissions!
  • Although you can easily “create” accounts in the payment processors, you CANNOT access the funds in your payment processor accounts until AFTER the payment processor VERIFIES your bank account. They do this by transferring a small amount (like 20 cents) from your bank account into your processor account, then transferring the small amount from your payment processor account back into your bank account. This confirms that the names on both your processor account and your bank account agree, and that the bank account is real.

It is good if you already have a bank account because it will make it so much easier for you to open an account with the payment processors. BUT, if you do not have already have a bank account, I highly encourage you to find out what you need to do to open up a bank account of your own. Go to a bank and ASK what you need to do.

To put it bluntly, if you expect to get your commissions from MANY of the programs, YOU HAVE TO HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT; otherwise, your commissions will stay with the program administrator.

Bank Account and Bank Card

  • You need to have a bank account and DEBIT card to pay for subscriptions and membership fees for programs. Some transactions might be thru international sites, so make sure your card has the capability for international use.
  • The bank account needs to allow transfer of funds to and from payment processors, such as Payza and PayPal.

Payment Processors

Payment processors act as the intermediary between the marketing programs/tools and your bank account.

  • For those programs that do not allow you to pay via bank cards (debit or credit), you deposit funds from your bank account/card into your payment processor account, then pay the program’s membership fees with your payment processor.
  • When you earn commissions, many of the program’s pay your commissions into your payment processor accounts. For these cases, you have a couple of options to access and use these funds.
    (1) Transfer the funds from your payment processor account to your bank account and either spend them with your bank card, OR withdraw the funds as cash.
    (2) Use the funds in your payment processor account to pay for membership fees or purchase items.


At present, Payza is the preferred payment processor for use with internet marketing programs. (NOTE: In November 2016, PayPal began freezing accounts that were used for transactions with internet marketing programs, specifically viral mailers, so many program owners began switching from PayPal to Payza.)

If you do not already have a Payza account, go here:

  • At the top of the page, click on the button with “SIGN UP“.
  • Select your country.
  • Click on the Select for a Personal account.
  • On the Create your Payza Personal account page, enter valid information. NOTE: If you click on the button beside ABC the characters you enter for your Password will be visible.
  • When done, click on the GET STARTED button.
  • VERY IMPORTANT! After clicking on the Get Started button, you will receive an email. You MUST click on a verification link in that email to activate your Payza account for use.

The next thing you need to do is Complete profile setup. If that link is not on your screen, click on the dropdown arrow to the LEFT of your name on your Dashboard, then choose Personal Information

  • For “Your industry”, choose “Sales, Marketing and Related Jobs.
  • For “Your job”, choose Marketing Manager.
  • Enter your social security number. (NOTE: This many not appear if you choose a country other than the United States.)

UPDATE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT/CARD INFO. If you already have a bank account/card, click on Wallet and update the data for your bank cards and bank accounts.

YOUR AFFILIATE LINK. When you refer someone to create a Payza account, give them your affiliate link which can be found by clicking on the dropdown arrow beside Account, then go to Referral Program.

Each time you refer someone to Payza, you could earn up to $10.00 USD. The more people you bring to Payza, the more you’ll earn. Helping you make more money — think of it as Payza’s way of saying thank you.


A few of the marketing programs may still use PayPal. If you need a PayPal account, go to

Other Payment Processors

PayPal is not authorized for use in all countries. If you cannot use PayPal, you might be able to use a different payment processor. Another good one is Payza. In the menu at the top of the page, click on Business Tools, then on Payment Processors for a few more you might be able to use. It varies from program to program and for where you live.

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