Watch this video to see WHO PowerOn Xpress is and how you can earn a substantial income with XeCoins, a cryptocurrency based on energy resources.

Skip ahead to about minute 32 to see more info on Power Plan Packs and how the system works.

Once you join, decide which level of Power Pack Plan you will purchase to get started and buy it.

  • If someone below you purchases a plan and YOU have NOT yet purchased your power plan, YOUR COMMISSION will go to the person above you that DOES have a power plan.
  • You also make commissions from the purchases of everyone downline from you, regardless of whether you or someone else invited them into the program.
  • DON’T WAIT! If you snooze, you lose!
  • If you did wait and then decided to get your Power Plan AFTER they purchased, you will always receive 5% commissions from their future purchases.

Every Friday is payday!

It is important to grow you XEC’s faster!

Each Friday, it is important to transfer your Unlocked XEU’s back into Locked XEU’s so they are also used in the next week’s calculation to get an additional 1.5% free Reward XeCoins and compound your XEU’s each week.

Sound confusing? It’s not. We have plenty of training to help you along.

Contact me when you are ready to take a closer look at the program to get started. We can even connect you with some of our superstar upline members to get more of your questions answered and concerns addressed.

Wayne Randall
Skype: wayne.randall47