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I came across this little gem a few days ago. Even though I kept getting sidetracked, it did not take long to get set up. You can sign up for 5 Dollar Wonder in one of two ways: (1) $4.99 a month, or (2) a one-time payment of $50. I chose the $50 plan, and so far, most of the sign-ups seem to be going in the $50 direction as well.

When I got home from work the next day, I found quite a few notices in my Inbox about payments for me. The sales from just the first 24 hours more than covered my set up expenses.

How Much Will It Cost To Get Your 5 Dollar Wonder Program All Set Up? If you already have memberships with any of these programs, you DO NOT need to sign up for another account. Use the accounts you currently have.

  • 5 Dollar Wonder. $4.99 each month OR a one-time payment of $50.
  • Pay Processors. PayPal and PaySpree.
    — Use PayPal to make the initial payment for 5 Dollar Wonder and to move funds back into your bank account later on. Make sure you upgrade your PayPal account to a Premier or Business category. That will allow you to process more transactions each month than with a personal account.
    — Use PaySpree for transaction dealing with 5 Dollar Wonder. Transfer our profit back into your PayPal account from PaySpree. Instead of using PayPal, you can also use Payza (previously called AlertPay) or Moneybookers.
    — Create a basic PaySpree account for FREE.
    — If you want to promote other products in the PaySpree Marketplace, upgrade for just $29 and get unlimited use of PaySpree for life.
  • Autoresponder. All In One Profits (AIOP) There are two options:
    –Basic Level. Costs $11.50 a month. YOU receive $10 for each Basic level referral and each Pro level referral in your downline.
    — Pro Level. Costs $21.74 a month. YOU receive $10 for each Basic level referral and $15 for each Pro level referral in your downline.

Are you ready to begin receiving multiple $5 and $50 payments?

Step 1. Click 5 Dollar Wonder and I’ll see you at the bank.

Step 2. After you complete Step 1, send me an email and I will forward you a set of instructions to help guide you through the setup process.


Do not expect to just pay the $4.99 monthly fee or the one-time $50 fee, then sit back and watch the money roll in. There is work to do!!!!!! YOU HAVE TO ADVERTISE THE REFERRAL LINK FOR YOUR 5 DOLLAR WONDER PROGRAM. Stop and think about it, if nobody knows you have the program, why would you expect anyone to sign up for it. So you advertise to get your ads in front of their eyes.


– I use many safelists, solo ads and traffic exchanges to advertise my programs. Click on “Advertising” on the menu up at the top of this page, then click on “Safelists and Solo Ads” and “Traffic Exchanges” to see the programs that I use. Click on the program titles to go to those sites to sign up under me.

– There is also a page on the 5 Dollar Wonder website that also give you suggested sources to advertise on. There are free sites as well as paid sites. Use those you want to, depending upon your budget.

RECOMMENDATION: Take it slow and easy so you DO NOT become overwhelmed. Sign up for ONE program (a safelist, solo ad or traffic exchange) at a time, get it totally set up, THEN sign up for another one. If you try to do too many at once, you will find yourself getting frustrated and wanting to quit. Don’t punish yourself. Do things in an organized fashion and ENJOY it. Besides, you will make MORE MONEY that way.

See my Simple Money System blog for lots of articles to help you with your online marketing; tips and motivation for marketing anything.