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Finally! A program that does NOT ask you for more money after you join and pay your ONE-TIME fee of $18.

I know how frustrating it is to join a program for a certain amount, then after you get in you are bombarded with offer after offer asking you for more money and more money, until finally you throw up your hands and abandon the program all together.

You will NEVER be asked to pay more than $18 for this program.

Did you get that? You will NEVER pay more than $18 for the program.

What do you need to do? Follow the steps below. After you set up your own account, you tell four people about Four Corners Alliance Group and help them get set up and find their four people. Then they do the same. It will all be more clear, AFTER you have watched the video. Contact me on Skype at wayne.randall47 if you have questions.


Step 1.  Watch the video.

Watch this video to learn about the Four Corners Alliance Group’s products and compensation plan.




Step 2.  BEFORE You Sign Up For Your Own Account.

BEFORE you sign up, I want you to be aware of requirements for the payment of your membership fee and withdrawal of your commissions. Please read AND UNDERSTAND the requirements. I want you to be sure you will have the means for withdrawing your commissions BEFORE you sign up for your account with Four Corners Alliance Group.


— Paying for the Membership Fee.

You have these payment options. Real-time global payment solutions that enable customers to securely make online purchases from merchants worldwide and pay directly through their local bank account in the currency of choice. Click on the program title to go to that site to create your account.


     1. Before you can transfer YOUR funds to either of your payment processors, your payment processor account must be linked to your bank account or bank card. Procedures for doing this are on each of the payment processor’s websites.

     2.  When people join Payza and SolidTrust Pay thru YOUR affiliate link, YOU earn commissions on their purchases.


— Receiving Your Commissions.

What is the process to verify a DPX account?

(Taken from

In order to maintain total integrity and abide within national and international banking requirements and regulations, it is a requirement that your account is verified. We recommend you do this straight away. Four Corners Alliance Group does not have access to any of your identity documentation.

As soon as you create your Direct Pay Express account, you will receive a welcome email. You should then log into your account and create your permanent password. For non-US persons, DirectPay Express will need you to upload copies of the following documents:

  • *U.S. persons need only provide a social security account number and date of birth, during the secure sign up process, making the U.S. Visa card option for receiving commission extremely fast and efficient.
  • For non-U.S. persons
    — Government-issued photo ID with your current address
    — Government-issued photo ID without your current address, PLUS a recent (less than 3 months old) utility bill showing your current address.
    — Scan of your passport, PLUS a recent (less than 3 months old) utility bill showing your current address.

Once you have done this, Four Corners Admin will review the documents and approve your account. Then you are then ready to go. You will find helpful webinar explaining this process in your back office after you join.


Now that you are aware of these financial requirements, click here for the NEXT STEP, to get YOUR OWN Four Corners account.



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