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PART 1.  Sign Up For Your Own Account with Four Corners Alliance Group


After watching the video, you can join Four Corners in one of two ways:

  • CLICK HERE to join Four Corner under one of our team members that does not yet have FOUR PERSONAL SIGNUPS.
  • Contact me on Skype at wayne.randall47 or by email at and let me know that you are ready to join Four Corners and I will give you the affiliate link of one of our team members that still needs more people to get to THEIR FOUR.

Note: BEFORE you fill out the Sign Up page, scroll to the BOTTOM of the page and MAKE SURE the name of the person referring you (Your Inviter) is the name you expect it to be, because if you discover you are under the wrong person AFTER JOINING, your upline CANNOT BE CHANGED!


Note: AFTER I verify that you are signed up in Four Corners downline from me, I will add your name to our Team Rotator to help you get your first 4 referrals. I highly suggest you do the same for your downline people. Once you or any of your downline have FOUR PEOPLE signed up under them, start placing the next signups under those downline members that DO NOT yet have FOUR PERSONAL SIGNUPS under them.

People helping people will help us all be more successful!


Fill Out the Fields on the JOIN NOW page.

Here are detailed instructions for what you should see on the “JOIN” page.


4 Corners Step 1:  Account Details.

    Account Details

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Country
  • State
  • Email Address (No AOL or Yahoo emails please; their delivery rates have proven to be highly unreliable.)

    Login Information

  • Choose a username
  • Choose a password
  • Confirm the password
  • Pick one of the Security Questions on the drop-down list
  • Enter up to two words for the Security Answer


  • Check the name to ensure the correct name in there BEFORE you check the box.
  • For example, people signing up directly UNDER ME should see Wayne Randall (waynerandall).

    Confirm that you are a human.

  • Check the box in front of “I’m not a robot”


4 Corners Step 2:  Start Your Business.

  • As an affiliate, you need to purchase or sell a minimum of $10 to start your business. The $10 cost for this item is included in the one-time payment of $18.00.
  • Check the box in front of Yes, please add Financial Literacy – 1 Understanding Precious Metals Investments to my order.


 4 Corners Step 3: Payment Information.

  • Determine which of the methods of payment you will use, then check the circle in front of the processor’s name.

Note: If you pay for others to sign up, be careful; you can only use a single debit/credit card number for a maximum of FIVE TIMES. At that point the system blocks that number from being used more times. This is a security precaution to help prevent FRAUDULENT USE of bank cards.

  • Pay with Debit/Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover).
    [Note: SolidTrust Pay has to manually approve the transaction, therefore your account is pending in 4Corners until the transaction is approved. This process may take up to 12 hours, depending on SolidTrust Pay’s workload. SolidTrust Pay does not man their offices on weekends or public holidays, so card approvals for weekend signup’s does not occur until the next business day on the Canadian Calendar.]
  • Pay with Solid Trust Pay
  • Pay with Safety Pay


Review the Order Summary to ensure the total is for $18.00.

After the transaction is complete, PRINT A COPY of your receipt NOW because you cannot get back to that page later on.

Congratulations. You are now a member of Four Corners Alliance Group, but there is one more thing to do.


PART 2.  Confirm Your Subscription

Check your email Inbox and click on the link in the email from Four Corners Alliance Group, with the subject of “Confirm Your Subscription.

After clicking on the link right below “CONFIRM BY VISITING THE LINK BELOW” , you should be taken to the Four Corners Alliance Group website and see this message:

Your email is now confirmed.


PART 3.  Connect With Me

BEFORE you click on Member Login to begin looking around the Four Corners Alliance Group website, CONNECT WITH ME!

On Skype.  Send me a Contact Request at wayne.randall47 and let me know:

  • That you have completed signing up in Four Corners
  • The name of YOUR INVITER

On Facebook.  Send me a Friend Request to Wayne.Alton.Randall.


PART 4.  Log in to Your Four Corners Account

Log in to the Four Corners Alliance Group website and take a look around.

On the main menu, click on Home, then on Getting Started. Watch each of the 6 short videos and do the things they tell you to do to get set up. After you complete the tasks, click on the box in front of “I’ve Completed This Step” and move on to the next step.

    • Step 1. Verify Address
      — On the top line menu item Home, click on Account and make sure your Mailing Address, Email Address, Password and Username are correct. If any are NOT correct, you can change them here. A phone number is optional.
      Marketing Profile.  On the top line menu item Marketing, click on Marketing Profile in the submenu. Update the items as necessary.
    • Step 2. Starien.
      — As a FREE member, click on the View Getting Started button to watch the Four Corners Alliance Group video and complete the tasks to get set up. When done, click on the box in front of I’ve Completed This Step and continue to the next step.

Note: Paying for Starien is OPTIONAL. I use the strategies taught in Contact List Builder (CLB) to market and promote Four Corners Alliance Group. You can click here to join CLB if you are not yet a FREE CLB member.

  • Step 3. Settings in Four Corners.
    — Click on Settings in the top line menu, then go to the Product Settings section.
    Auto Purchase. Select “Product 6
    Product Level. Select “Product 1
    Monthly Newsletter. If you are a FREE member, set to “Off
    Click on the button to UPDATE your settings.
    Marketing Settings.
    — Remember, you must ALWAYS be “building your list”.
    — You get the “form code” for your lead capture page from your autoresponder.
    [I use the strategies I learned in the CLB training. We currently use the autoresponder in The Conversion Pros (TCP). I can give you TCP Share Codes for your email series and lead capture pages. If you use a different autoresponder, copy the form code from your autoresponder into the box for it on the Marketing Settings screen.
    Other Settings.
    — Adjust the time zone settings to your location
    — Enter your SolidTrust Pay user name.
  • Step 4. Withdraw Requests.
    There are two primary ways in which you can withdraw your commissions.
    (1)  SolidTrust Pay.  IF you have a SolidTrust Pay account and that is how you wish to receive your commissions, go to Settings, then to STP Username and enter your SolidTrust Pay username in the box.
    Click here to get an account with SolidTrust Pay.
    — You have to link your STP account with a bank account or bank card, so if you do not have a bank account/card, the Debit Card method would be better for you.
    (2)  Debit Card (DPX).  On the Four Corners Alliance Group website, go to your Dashboard and look in the Member Communication area for an article on 11/14/2014, titled “How to order your Debit Card.” Click on it and read it.

For example, to verify a DPX account:

  • For U.S. citizens, provide your social security account number.
  • For international members:
    – Government-issued photo ID with your current address.
    – Government-issued photo ID without your current address PLUS a recent (less than 3 months old) utility bill showing your current address.
    – Scan of your passport PLUS a recent (less than 3 months old) utility bill showing your current address.

To order a DPX card costs $19.95, plus $10 for standard shipping. (FedEx is available)

Decide which method is better for you and set it up.


If you pay for others to sign up, be careful. You can only use a single debit/credit card number for a maximum of FIVE TIMES. For more transactions, suggest you get a pre-paid card.

Look at the FAQs page to answer many of your questions.


Step 5. Back Office Tour.

Watch the video.



PART 5.  Promote, promote and promote some more

Contact me if you need help with anything. You can reach me on Skype at wayne.randall47.

To track how your team is growing:

Log in to your 4 Corners Alliance Group website

Click on the arrow beside Genealogy

Click on Genealogy Viewer. At the top of the Genealogy Viewer screen is an explanation of what the colors and numbers mean.



Now It’s Time to Promote Your Link and Get YOUR Four.

When you are ready, go to the next page and get set up to GET YOUR FOUR.

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