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Are you ready to take the ride of your life?


Need to get your hands on some money? FAST?


Money-Go-Round (MGR) is your discount ticket and direct link to the Ferris Wheel. By completing MGR, you will be entered into the Ferris Wheel where our main comp plan is displayed in Team Texas Legacy.

A seat on MGR can get you $170 and the RIDE OF YOUR LIFE!!!!

  • NO BS!


Ride 1:  Is a 2 x 1 matrix.

  • Buy a seat for $25 (plus a $2 pay processor fee).
  • When two more seats are bought, you will earn $50.
  • That $50 will be used to purchase your position in Ride 2.

Ride 2:  Is a 4 x 1 matrix.

  • When you complete Ride 2, you will earn $200.
  • Admin will take $25 and place you back into Ride 1 again for another ride. That way, MGR never stalls!!
  • Admin fee of $5 will be kept to pay for the website, contests, PIF pool, etc.
  • Your profit will be $170.

Money-Go-Round never stalls!


Ready to get started?


STEP 1.  Join Money Go Round.

  • Use your sponsor’s URL to JOIN.
  • If you don’t have a sponsor yet, click on the banner blow OR use my link:
  • Fill out the registration form to create your own unique user name.


STEP 2.  Before you fund your E-wallet, determine how many positions you want to purchase.

They are $25 each, plus $2 for the processing fee. For example:

  • For 1 position, transfer $27 ($25 for one position and $2 for the processing fee).
  • For 2 positions, transfer $52 ($50 for two $25 positions and $2 for the processing fee).
  • For 3 positions, transfer $77 ($75 for three $25 positions and $2 for the processing fee).
  • For 4 positions, transfer $102 ($100 for four $25 positions and $2 for the processing fee).


STEP 3.  Fund your E-wallet and purchase your positions.

  • Go to My Wallet, then to Add money.
  • Put in the amount you want to fund your E-wallet.
  • Click on the down arrow and choose your payment processor.
  • Click on Fund Account. You will be taken to the payment processor to complete the payment process.


STEP 4.  Purchase your position(s) once the funds are in your E-wallet.

  • Go to Matrix Cycler.
  • Click on Buy Positions.
  • Enter the number of positions you want to purchase.
  • Choose the Payment Option
  • Click on Buy Now


STEP 5.  Ask your sponsor to add you to the Money-Go-Round’s Facebook group.