Get Paid to Shop; Earn Cash Back

I watched a Google Hangout by Rob Gehring where he explained how to shop online at the our club’s Shopping Mall.

Click here to watch Rob’s hangout:  Let’s Go Shopping…..and earn cash in the process!

Everyone is welcome at the mall; club members as well as anyone else who would like to earn cash rebates on their online purchases.

The online mall has over 1,000 online stores in over 70 countries around the globe. Select your country and start saving money on all your online purchases at the mall. Although the shopping mall is configured to initially display stores in YOUR country, you can also change the setting so it displays stores in other countries as well.

If you are not yet a club member, go to, fill in your name, email address and Skype ID on the lead capture page and then you will be taken to the sign up page.

  • If you are only interested in earning “cash back” on your own shopping, sign up as a MEMBER.
  • However, if you also want to earn from the shopping of people you refer to the program — members, affiliates and Partners — sign up as a TRIAL PARTNER, FREE for 30 days, and see how it is to be a mall owner.

I highly recommend you to join as a TRIAL PARTNER. It is FREE for 30 days while you try it out. At the end of the 30 days:

  • Upgrade to Partner. As a Partner, you will have:
    — Your own business and be able to refer people to your own mall and earn from the shopping by other members, affiliates, Trial Partners and upgraded Partners.
    — Use of our exclusive marketing plan to build a global sales and membership organization
    — A global partner system to provide you with the directions, training, tools, sales management reports and support for your business.
  • Let the trial period expire and continue on as a free Member or Affiliate.

Don’t just THINK about it; DO IT!