Some Questions and Answers About Contact List Builder

Here are some answers to some of the questions I frequently get about Janet Legere’s Contact List Builder (CLB).


Q.  After joining Contact List Builder (CLB), what do I do?

A.  You complete the training in CLB’s “Ready, Set, Go Marketing System” to learn how to set up CLB and how to build your contact list (your list of subscribers).


Q.  What do we learn in the training?

A.  You learn the nuts and bolts (the basics) of internet marketing, in three phases:

          – Phase 1: Build/create lead capture pages (LCPs).

          – Phase 2: Promote/advertise the LCPs to build your list of contacts (subscribers to your lists).

          – Phase 3: Follow-up with the subscribers to get referrals (people that join your programs)

          – Repeat the process: build, promote, follow-up and repeat.


Q.  Is the training hard?

A.  No, but the FIRST time you tackle anything might seem difficult if you are not familiar with how to do it. If it wasn’t challenging, it wouldn’t be worth doing. The CLB training is broken down into step-by-step instructions that contain lots of screen shots so you can see what you should be seeing on the screen BEFORE you actually go there to do it by yourself.

          Besides, there are many other CLB members in the CLB Skype groups that can answer your questions and help you out.


Q.  How do I make money?

A.  In completing the training, you will join and use a few programs to get set up to build your contact list. All of these programs are potential sources of income for YOU. When YOUR referrals join the programs and UPGRADE in them, YOU earn commissions.

          – Contact List Builder

          – GVO’s Host Then Profit or PureLeverage for the autoresponder

          – AdKreator to create the lead capture pages

          – to track to know which sites your subscribers come from

          – Prospect Geyser for advertising

          – Prospect Geyser COOP, a safelist for advertising

          – Prospect Geyser TE, a traffic exchange for advertising

          – Skype Seek & Send to manage your Skype contacts

          – Udimi, where you can purchase solo ads to promote your lead capture pages

          – Curation Works for curating blog posts

          – Four Corners Alliance Group, a source of income

          – Total Take Over, a source of income

          – Plus, you will be introduced to YOUR SPONSOR’s primary program; just like YOUR referrals will be introduced to YOUR PRIMARY PROGRAM when they do the training.


Q.  Why do I need to build a list of contacts?

A.  First, the subscribers to your list will receive a series of prewritten emails from your auto-responder that tell them about CLB and the other programs and encourage your subscribers to join CLB.

          When your subscribers join CLB, they will also go thru the same training and be exposed to the programs, including YOUR primary business. When your referrals upgrade in the programs, YOU will earn commissions.

          Second, when you begin to promote products by broadcasting directly to the subscribers on your list, it is estimated that each name on the list is worth $1 per month. Remember, not everyone will buy everything you promote, so you keep promoting to them.


Q.  Why should I upgrade in the programs in the CLB Downline Builder?

A.  Although you can join and use most of these programs as a free member, you earn commissions when YOUR referrals upgrade in the programs. As an upgraded member, (1) you get access to more features and (2) you will receive larger commissions than do the free members.

          For example, as a free member of AdKreator, you can only Save one product (lead capture page); however, as an upgraded member, you can Save many.


Q. What do I promote in my advertising?

A.  You always promote your lead capture pages for CLB (1) to get subscribers added to your list and (2) to brand yourself. The more that people see your name and face, the more they will learn to know, like and trust you, and the more they know, like and trust you, the more likely they will join something that you are promoting.


Q.  Why not promote something other than the lead capture pages for CLB?

A.  Keep adding people to the “CLB Funnel” to grow your list bigger and bigger, and to expose more people to CLB and the programs in the CLB Downline Builder.

          By promoting your LCPs for CLB, your referrals will be exposed to ALL of the programs we work with, NOT just to CLB.

          If you have other programs or businesses you are working, you can include YOUR primary business on the CLB Downline Builder page, so when your referrals go to the Downline Builder page, YOUR business will be the first one the see, right at the top of the list.


For more information about Contact List Builder, fill in your information on the form to the right and submit it. Let CLB make your marketing easier and less stressful for you.