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The Millionaire Mindset


Congratulations, you are now a member of the Four Corners Alliance Group.

 Now it is time to get set up to find YOUR four people and to help them get set up and find THEIR FOUR.



Step 1.  Connect With Me

  • Facebook.  Friend me on Facebook so I can get you into our private Facebook team group. My Facebook username is Wayne.Alton.Randall.
  • Skype.  Send me a Contact request on Skype. My Skype ID is wayne.randall47. Let me know that you have joined the Four Corners Alliance Group under me or one of my team members. If you don’t have a Skype ID, go to and create an account. It is FREE, so do not pay for anything.


Step 2.  Promote Your Affiliate Links

Suggestion:  Buy a domain name and redirect it to your lead capture page. It’s more professional looking in your advertising than using the long affiliate link. For example, I purchased and redirected it to point to our lead capture pages. So we advertise in our ads. When someone goes to that URL, they are taken to the Four Corners sign up page of one of my affiliates.

  • I generally purchase my domain names at Host Monster because they have good rates and excellent 24-hour support. Click on Host Monster to sign up with them on my affiliate link.
  • If you have a GVO Host Then Profits account, their domain purchases and transfers are handled by GoDaddy. If you do not have a GVO Host Then Profits account, you can find out more about it and get a GVO account here.

If you need help with your marketing efforts, you can get great mentoring and assistance at either of these two programs:

  • Marketing Mastery Elite (MME). Four Corners Alliance Group is one of the programs promoted by MME. Log in to MME here or join MME here.
  • Contact List Builder (CLB). Log in to CLB here or join CLB here.

    Go to Steps 4 and 5 for a typical setup for a campaign in your GVO Host Then Profits autoresponder using the strategies taught at CLB.


    Step 3.  Help Your Affiliates Get Started

    AFTER you receive a notification of a person joining Four Corners under you:

    You can either set up a page like this one you are following OR you can send your referrals here to these pages. I made these pages generic so anyone can use them. Send your prospects and affiliates to


    Marketing Mastery Elite has capture pages and an autoresponder already configured for building your Four Corners business.


     Step 4.  Setting up a Campaign in the GVO Autoresponder for Marketing Mastery Elite


    Create the Campaign in Your GVO Autoresponder.

    • Login to GVO Host Then Profit.
       – If you do not have a GVO Host Then Profit account, CLICK HERE to get one.
    • Under Business Marketing Tools, click on Auto Responder.Locate Auto Responder
    • Go to Campaigns and choose List from the drop down menu.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the TOP box which is labelled “You can get copy of campaign by code:” and enter 4D62f9b98806
    • Click on Get Campaign.
    • Main Settings are only for your use. Enter something brief, like Marketing Mastery Elite
    • Email Settings. Change the default entry in From Name (your GVO user name) to your full name.
    • Company Settings. In the box after Company Name, enter Marketing Mastery Elite (MME) or Four Corners Alliance Group.
    • Website URL. Enter your affiliate link for Marketing Mastery Elite. It is formatted as
    • Check the box in front of Notify about new subscriber to receive an email notification each time someone fills out their information on your LCP and subscribes to your autoresponder list.
    • Click on Edit to save your campaign.


    Create Custom Fields.

    • VERY IMPORTANT: If you already have other campaigns set up, MAKE SURE the correct campaign’s title is displayed in the Campaign box; otherwise, you will be editing things (messages and forms) for the wrong campaign.
    • Go to Campaigns tab and choose Custom Fields from the drop down menu.
    • Name Custom1 Skype and click the Update button to save the information.


    Create Global Fields.

    Click on Global Fields under Campaigns, scroll down and enter the values for your Global fields:

    • Global1 – Enter your MME user number, i.e., 357735 (found at the end of your affiliate link for MME)
    • Global2 – Enter your Skype ID
    • Click Update.


    Review Your Email Messages. Go to Messages and look over the emails in Follow Up and Opt-In Message. Notice that there are TWO VERSIONS of each email: the top one is in HTML format and the bottom one is text. If you make any changes to either one, make sure you make the corresponding changes to the other version as well.


    Create the Opt-in Form.

    • Go to the Forms, then to Create Form.
    • For the Thankyou Page, choose Custom URL from the dropdown menu.
    • Place the link for your Marketing Mastery Elite Join page in the box for both the Thankyou Page and the Already Subscribed Thankyou Page. The link looks like this:
    • Check the Double Opt-In box.
    • Check the box for the Skype field to be Visible.
    • Change the text for the Submit button to Yes, Tell Me More!
    • Click on the Create button to save the form.
    • Click on the HTML icon, the 3rd icon from the left in the Action column. Copy this form code and keep it handy (i.e., in a Notepad text file) because you will need it in Step 6 when creating your lead capture page on the MME website.


    Step 5.  Promote, Promote and Promote

    Now that you have everything all set up, you can focus on promoting your affiliate link for Marketing Mastery Elite OR your domain name if you bought one.



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