Leads, What Do You Do With Them?

I use the list building strategies that Janet Legere teaches in the Contact List Builder’s Ready, Set, Go Marketing System to build my list and generate leads. One of the key elements in the CLB training, if not THE key element, is the autoresponder.

We use the autoresponder in GVO’s Host Then Profits because it is economical and relatively easy to use. I say “relatively easy” because if you have never used an autoresponder, there is always a learning curve when you are learning something new. But the CLB training is full of screen shots and detailed explanations so you know exactly what you need to know BEFORE you attempt to tackle the tasks yourself.

If you are not familiar with Host Then Profits, then I invite you to CLICK HERE and watch their introductory video. As you will see, you get a lot more than just an autoresponder for the low $9.97 per month; however, the autoresponder is the critical element you need to get your marketing program off the ground.

Here are some other informative videos by Joel Therien, the owner of GVO.

Leads are everywhere and relatively easy to get, but once you get them what do you do with them? Do they “know, like and trust” you?

That’s not something that you can force on people. Instead, you do it by encouraging the lead (or prospect) to engage by reaching out to you, or by giving you additional contact information so you to reach out to them.

It’s really that simple, but this requires YOU to be involved in your business.

Most failed marketers want to stay removed from their business and just want an automated pie-in-the-sky system. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen.

YOU must take the baton from your automated system and show your prospect that you are a real person and will help them and mentor them. A large company cannot provide one-to-one support, but you can.

So, unless you are making 5,000 plus per month in your business, I suggest that you change your marketing habits. If you are looking for a mentor, my hand and opt-in page are extended. Click HERE.

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