You Asked About Our Marketing?

I primarily work with Contact List Builder (CLB) where we show people the basics of what they need to do to market “their product” online. If they do not have any other product or program, they can begin by promoting Contact List Builder.

Your efforts will basically be in 3 phases. (Yes, I said “efforts” because there IS work involved.)

Phase 1.  Create your lead capture pages (LCPs). LCPs are used to capture people’s names, email addresses, Skype IDs and sometimes phone numbers for YOUR list in your autoresponder. A common phrase you will hear is “The money is in the list.” The more names you have on “your list” the more potential there is for you to earn money in things you promote to the people on your list.

Phase 2.  Promote or advertise your lead capture pages. We show you where and how to promote the links to your lead capture pages. This is the phase that takes up most of your time; advertising and finding people.

Phase 3.  Follow up with your signups. You follow up with those that do sign up for your programs and build relationships with them so they begin to know and trust you. If they trust you, they are more likely to look at later emails and check out products and services you tell them about.


Sounds simple? It really is, but so many people (I did that too) think too much about it and make things much more complicated than they really are. With CLB’s “Ready, Set, Go Marketing System”, we show you step by step what to do. There are many screen shots so you can SEE what the instructions are telling you to do before YOU actually try to do it yourself. Do not let your mind wander; just SEE and DO, no thinking.

What if you get confused? We have many people in the CLB Skype groups that can help you out, including Janet Legere, the legendary marketer and owner of CLB.


How do you make money?

Thru multiple streams of income.

After you get set up and are promoting the link to your LCP for CLB, when YOUR referrals begin joining the programs to set up their own campaigns, YOU will earn commissions when your referrals join the programs and upgrade in them.

First and foremost, Contact List Builder itself. Each time one of YOUR referrals upgrades, YOU earn a commission.

These programs are used to set up your campaign in your autoresponder and to create your lead capture page.

  • The autoresponder in GVO’s Host Then Profit or GVO’s Pure Leverage. The autoresponder is where you store and manage “your lists”. It also sends pre-written emails to the people when they sign up for your list.
  • AdKreator where you construct the actual lead capture page
  • where you will create tracking links that tell you the website the people were on when they filled out their information on your LCP and submitted it to your autoresponder. Why? So you can (1) concentrate your efforts in those places that are producing subscribers to your list and (2) stop advertising at places that do not get you any subscribers.

We also use these programs in the CLB marketing strategy:

  • Prospect Geyser
  • Prospect Geyser COOP
  • Prospect Geyser Traffic Exchange
  • Skype Seek & Send
  • Four Corners Alliance Group

Commissions for upgrades vary depending upon whether your referrals choose to pay monthly, annually, or lifetime. Although the longer memberships cost more initially, in the long run they are much cheaper for you. Upgraded members have access to many more features of the program AND earn much higher commissions than do the free members.


How Much Does it Cost to Get Started?

It all depends upon how commited you are to becoming successful with your marketing. Being more committed will cost you more to get going. But the more effort YOU put into your marketing, and the more consistent you are with YOUR effort, the more successful you will be in the long run.

You CAN get started for nothing; however, you will NOT be building your list because you will not have an autoresponder. (This is assuming that you are just starting with your marketing and are not signed up for anything anyplace.)

The costs for you to set up your lead capture page and be ready to promote your page COULD BE as follows. Costs vary depending upon your membership periods (monthly, annual or lifetime). But at bare minimum, this is what you can expect:

  • GVO Host Then Profit. $1 for the first 7 days, then $9.97 each month after that.
  • AdKreator.
    – Basic membership is free. It allows you to Save only ONE product.
    – Later on, you will want to create more LCPs. When you upgrade thru the link on your CLB Downline Builder page, it will cost $9.97 a month. It is well worth the cost.
  • Is FREE for the first 30 days, then costs $9 a month after that.

Treat it like a business and you will make money, treat it like a hobby and you may have fun, but not make much money. It is ALL up to YOU.

Our goal is for EVERYONE to become more successful.

To find out more about it, fill in your information on the form on the right side of the screen under For More Information About Internet Marketing.


Major Obstacles

This is the biggest problem I have see for people in many countries that stops them from working online:  they do NOT have a bank account.

Why is it a problem? Because:

  • Memberships for some programs are paid for by using a debit or credit card.
  • Many of the programs pay your commissions to your PayPal account. If you do not have a bank account, you cannot get a “verified” PayPal account.
    — To “verify” your PayPal account, PayPal tansfers a small amount (i.e., 20 cents) from your bank account to your PayPal account. Then they transfer that small amount from your PayPal back to your bank account. This is to ensure you have associated a valid bank account with your PayPal account.
    — Not having “verified” PayPal account allows you to receive funds into the account; HOWEVER, PayPal will not let you access those funds UNTIL THE STATUS IS UPGRADED TO VERIFIED.

This association to your bank account applies to the online payment processors as well.

No bank account or no bank card is a major obstacle to working online.

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