How Ready Are You to Start Your Own Successful SFI Business?

Here is a simple question: “Are you willing to start your own online business where you will invest a little bit of time and money?”

Simple? Yes, but let’s break it down into three pieces.

  1. Are you willing
    You must understand that YOU will be doing this at YOUR OWN will.
  2. To start your own online business
    This is NOT a JOB. It will be YOUR OWN business that YOU will be starting.
  3. Where you will invest a little bit of time and money
    You will be committing your time (daily) and effort (actions) to SFI, reading and learning and working and communicating with other people you don’t know. Although you can do this without spending any money at all, doing it totally free will take you much longer to become successful with it.

There are a couple of financial investments that I highly recommend to help you get a quicker and steadier start to your SFI business.

  • New Members Package (NMP). It is a one-time cost of about $20 which can ONLY be purchased within the first ten days after you join SFI. It helps you more quickly attain the 1,500 VersaPoints that you need in order to qualify as an Executive Affiliate.
  • Standing Order for a T125 Package. This is a monthly cost of less than $35 which helps you meeting the monthly requirement of attaining 1,500 VersaPoints to qualify you as an Executive Affiliate.

You DO NOT have to purchase these items, but they WILL help you build a successful SFI business much quicker and easier. Guaranteed? No, of course not. You are working with human beings. You can only guide them and help them build THEIR businesses. You CAN NOT and SHOULD NOT do it for them. It is THEIR future. YOU can only guide them. It is up to each one of them to WORK their own businesses.

Get started now building YOUR OWN successful SFI business. I, as your sponsor and team leader, am here to mentor and help you and guide you towards building YOUR successful SFI business. CLICK ON THIS LINK AND FILL IN YOUR INFORMATION TO GET STARTED TODAY!

As soon as you join, CONNECT WITH ME ON SKYPE (wayne.randall47) to let me know have joined SFI.

  • In the first days, there is a lot of reading material which is designed to help you learn about the various aspects of SFI. You DO NOT need to remember it all right now. Just become familiar with it for now.
  • We can do a Share Screen so I can give you a guided tour of SFI and show you which things you need to do now and which can wait until later. This is important because some things need to be completed within the first 24 hours, other things within the first 10 days, and other things completed EACH DAY.

I will help you identify what and when you need to do things so you do not become overwhelmed. Like any standard business, the owner must play an active role in his/her business. You CAN be successful with YOURS too.