ClubShop Rewards — Get Paid for Shopping

  • Do you shop online?
  • Do you shop offline?
  • Do you get paid for your shopping?

ClubShop Rewards is a 17-year old company with a worldwide product that everyone uses: shopping (online AND offline).

As a ClubShop Rewards member you get paid to shop at stores that you already shop at. Although international, YOUR shopping mall only contains stores in YOUR country.

There are 3 memberships to choose from.

  1. Shopper Member.  Get paid to shop online at the ClubShop Mall and offline with ClubShop Rewards Card merchants.
  2. Affiliate Member.  Get paid when YOU shop as well as when people your refer shop.
  3. Trial Partner.  Get paid to shop AND get paid to refer people AND have your own ClubShop Rewards Mall, global sales organization and home business.

If you are interested in using your membership to also MAKE money, like 5K a month, I highly recommend you sign up as a Trial Partner. It is FREE for 30 days to give you time to check things out, SAVE a little on your own shopping, and EARN a little on shoppers you refer, all while you are looking it over.

Click on this link to sign up under myself OR one of my Partners. See for yourself how much you can save and earn.