What Should You Tell Prospects?

Recruiting serious affiliates is what we all desire, and while what we tell them is important, where we get them is also critical. So, what do we do?

  • Be very frank and honest when discussing your business opportunity. Many times the new affiliate logs in to the program’s website and what they see after joining is totally different from what they were told as a prospect.
  • Tell them about the various ways they have to earn income; that individuals have choices when it comes to areas of the business they are interested in.
  • Tell them that, in many cases, investment is NOT a requirement; the decision to invest is their prerogative, so they are at liberty to make all investment decisions. This will encourage them to come in with an open mind to see things for themselves.
  • Tell them that there are significant advantages to be an upgraded member because upgraded members generally have access to more program features and benefits than do free members, and generally earn much higher commissions.
  • Tell them that as an online marketer THEY will not have bosses looking over their shoulders, but rather THEY are their own bosses, and will work at their own pace and time of their choosing. This promotes a sense of freedom and independence many serious prospects crave.
  • Tell them they spend the amount that THEY want to invest in THEIR business; quality time, not quantity time.
  • Tell them we offer free resources and materials, including real time mentoring that will help them build a successful business. The prospect is aware that he/she is not being led into an abyss where the potential of survival is remote. Serious people appreciate the sense of hope and the ability to succeed.
  • Let them know that you will be available to mentor and guide them to be equally successful because serious people like identifying with successful people.

Do not take anything for granted. Be very professional and maintain a high level of integrity when talking with prospects because this has the potential effect of being taken seriously and to also sign up serious affiliates in return.