What is Contact List Builder?

Contact List Builder

Contact List Builder

Contact List Builder (CLB) is a teaching platform, with a focus on list building and personal branding, offering marketing tools and systems, including advertising and marketing training, complete with on-going support.

The knowledge you gain from the training in the CLB’s “Ready, Set, Go Marketing System” can be applied to promoting any program, product or service. The site’s pages are full of explanations and screen prints to make it easy for you to see what you need to do BEFORE you attempt to complete the task on your own.

The training is broken down into three phases.

  • Phase 1. You learn how to set up a campaign in your autoresponder and to create a lead capture page for collecting names, email addresses and phone numbers for subscribers on YOUR LIST. Remember, the money is in the list and the bigger your list gets, the greater your earnings will be.
  • Phase 2. You learn how and where to advertise your lead capture page.
  • Phase 3. You learn how to follow up with the people that join your programs and help them to also become successful marketers.


How much does the training cost?

Although it does not cost anything to join CLB nor for the CLB training, some of the programs used in the training cannot be used for free. If you already use the programs, you do NOT need create another account.

For creating our lead capture pages and splash pages, our contact manager, tracking and autoresponder, we use The Conversion Pros (TCP). For only $1 you can try out TCP for 7 days, then it is $49.97 per month after that; HOWEVER, for each of your referrals, YOU earn a commission of $20 a month, so with only 3 referrals you are already in PROFIT.

In Phase 2, you will join a few traffic exchanges and safelists where you will advertise the link for your lead capture page. Most are free to join, but you can also upgrade to get access to more features, as well as to earn higher commissions. There are also lots of places to purchase paid advertising, but initially we concentrate on the free places.


How Do I Earn Money With CLB?

You earn a commission each time one of your referrals upgrades in any of the programs.

As you get further into your marketing, you can get involved in other income producing programs where you can use the skills you learn in the CLB training to market those programs too.

If you already have another program you are promoting, you can place your affiliate link for that program on your CLB Downline Builder page, then each time your referrals go to their CLB Downline Builder pages, they will see YOUR program at the top of the page.

Although most programs have a monthly subscription, many of them offer lower membership fees when you pay on a quarterly or an annual basis; some also offer lifetime memberships. So, it depends on which plan your referral chooses as to how much and how often you receive commissions for their subscriptions.

It also depends upon YOUR level of membership in each of the programs. Although you might earn a commission when you have a free membership, YOUR commission is much higher when YOU are an upgraded member.

In Phase 3, you will be introduced to other business tools to help you with your marketing, as well as some other income-generating programs; however. They are highly recommended, but not mandatory.


How Do I Get Started With the Contact List Builder’s Training?

If you are not yet a CLB member, go here to join. Fill in your information to join CLB, and let’s get you on the road to success today!

If you are already a CLB member, go here to log in to get started today with your training today!