RealStew — Getting Started

What is RealStew?

  • Your global communication centre; everything you need on the web, all in one place
  • Engage, interact and share
  • Save time and money
  • Build a better relationship with contacts
  • Assists you to find customers
  • Convert leads into sales and repeat business
  • Raise capital and finance your business and bright ideas
  • An easy and effective way to engage and interact with your friends.
  • Share the wealth from working together

In other words, RealStew is an excellent and effective communications platform where you can also earn substantial income; long-term, as well as passive.

How Do You Get Started?

1. Get Your Own RealStew URL

If you do not already have your own RealStew URL, you can start here:

  • On the far right-hand side of the Home page menu bar, click on Register.
  • Enter your email address TWO times, then click on the Register button.
  • Check your email’s Inbox for a message from RealStew containing instructions to log in.
  • Log in using your email address and password.
  • On the menu bar at the top of the page, click on the cogwheel icon to the right of your email address and choose Account Settings.
  • On the next screen, create your “URL”. (For example, your name or your bizname, such as waynerandall or mariway, etc.)
  • Check the boxes that you are over 14 and agree to terms, and click on Continue”.
  • The icon should spin until your account has been created. When it is complete, your own URL will be shown in the browser.

2. Update your profile

  • On the menu bar at the top of the page, click on the cogwheel icon to the right of your email address and choose Profile Settings.
  • Update ALL of your information, then click on the Save button.
  • Click on the Cameras icon and upload your profile photo.
  • Click on the Update Profile Details button to save your information.
  • REVIEW your information to make sure it is all correct BEFORE closing this screen.

Start Sharing

While still on the Add/Edit Your Profile screen, click the Sharingbutton right below your photo, and on next page click Start Sharing Now only ONE TIME. It will show You are sharing.

Your Setup is Complete!

Your full setup of your RealStew account is done. Click on the Home icon.

Now What Do You Do?

Join User Groups

  • At the very top of the page, scroll thru the icons until you come across Foundation Club.
  • In the Search box, enter RS Foundation Club, then click on Search.
  • Click on the Request to Join button.
  • After your request is approved, you can read the messages and learn from others, and post a message of your own.

Post Messages of Your Own

  • Click on Post Message tab on the left
  • On the note pad that comes up, type your message, then click Post Message halfway down the page on the right-hand side. You will see your own message is posted in real time.

Share Your URL With Your Friends

Now share your URL with your friends, or invite your friends with Real Mail to start earning long-term money over and over. The more links you have, the more you will earn. Please read instruction below how to use Real Mail to invite.

Get a Mentor

  • To get a mentor to show you the ropes, click on the Apply circle icon on the top of the screen, then follow the steps to select a mentor.
  • Type of User: Select All
  • Language: Self explanatory.
  • Country: Self explanatory.
  • You can leave the rest blank.
  • Slowly scroll through the mentors until you find one. I will be very happy to show you the ropes. Just go through process until you find me, then click on Select Mentor and Yes on the next page.

Add Me on Skype

Please send a Contact Request to Skype ID wayne.randall47.

Now You Are Ready to Get Going

Go to your RealStew site:

Enter your full email address, such as

Enter your password.

Optional Things You Can Do

RealMobile App

If you are using Android phone or iPhone, you can download the FREE RealMobile app, then log in with your same login details and you will be able to connect with me or your mentor via mobile. An option to upgrade for the RealMobile Plus version is also available. It will help your business to grow faster, as your link will be automatically attached to you when you send invites to your contacts via your phone.


If you would like to earn an income, then you need to invite others to join us. Here is how to use RealMail to invite:

  • Click on Contact.
  • Click on Load Contact.
  • On the blank form, enter email address, first name and select the country for the person, then click Add New Contact.

  • Enter that same email again in the blank form, and an orange bubble will appear next to the email.
  • Click on the orange bubble and a new RealChat window will open for you to send a quick message to the person. When the person opens his/her email, your link will automatically be there for him/her to join you.

Add Other RealStew Members as Your Friends

  • Go to User Groups.
  • Open the user group.
  • Under the name of each person, there are 9 little icons, and the end icon will be either a man with a little green tick if you are already connected, or a man with a blue circle and a white + inside if you are not connected.
  • Click on the icon and request the person to be your friend and wait to be accepted.