NEW Downline Builder for Contact List Builder

The NEW Downline Builder

We are so excited about the latest changes to the NEW Downline Builder at Contact List Builder (CLB).

The New Downline Builder

Make sure YOUR IDs are updated for the programs in the CLB’s NEW Downline Builder

If you do not enter YOUR details, when you sponsor new members into CLB, they will join those programs through the CLB training, but NOT under you!

You can join Contact List Builder and begin setting up your marketing program for only $50. You will quickly see that those $50 will be life-changing for you!

As you promote your new capture pages for CLB, your list will begin to grow and you will sponsor many people into CLB. As they upgrade in the programs used in the CLB strategy, YOU will earn commissions each time one of your referrals upgrade in the programs.

Here’s a blog post by Janet Legere, the owner of Contact List Builder, about the changes to CLB’s Downline Builder.

The NEW Downline Builder.

CLB Blog

As you join the programs in the Downline Builder of CLB, you want to come back to the Downline Builder and add your usernames to the CLB system. Remember to UPDATE after entering your details.

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