Clarification of Subscriber Versus Referral

Note:  This brief post is based upon the assumption that you are following (to the letter) the steps in the Contact List Builder’s Ready, Set, Go Marketing System and that you are using the programs specified within; specifically, using GVO’s Host Then Profit for your auto-responder.

After creating your campaign for Contact List Builder (CLB), your opt-in form, and your lead capture page (LCP), you begin advertising your LCP on safelists, solo ads, etc.

Viewers will read your ad, click on the link and be taken to your LCP for CLB.

They will fill in their information (name, email address, Skype ID, etc.) on the LCP and submit the LCP to the auto-responder for processing. If you checked the box for “Double Opt-In” on the opt-in form, the subscriber should look in their Inbox for a confirmation email and click on a link in that email to confirm that the email address they provided is a valid address.

The sponsor will receive an email from” on behalf of Joel Therien” with a title of “A New ‘Contact List Builder’ Subscriber Just Opted In” which means that that person has opted-in and is now identified in your campaign as a “subscriber” to YOUR list. This person will now begin receiving the set of emails in your auto-responder for the CLB campaign encouraging him/her to join CLB.

When the subscriber fills out the information on the CLB Registration page and clicks on the Submit button, you will receive an email from “ on Behalf of Contact List Builder” with a title of “New Referral at Contact List Builder | Online Marketing and Training.” This emails is notifying you of a new CLB Direct Referral.

Your new referral will now begin receiving a series of emails from Janet. Now is when you need to make contact with the new referral. Based on the information in the referral’s record on your Direct Referrals page, (1) send the new referral an email and (2) contact them via Skype. If you do not have their Skype ID, you can search in Skype for their email address. You can also search on their name, but that could easily result in dozens or even hundreds of hits.

Remember, if the person does NOT fill out the CLB Registration page and Submit it, this person is only a subscriber (a person on your “list”), NOT a CLB referral.