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 Below are some safelists and solo ad sites that I use. When you decide to join one, ONLY JOIN ONE AT A TIME.  AFTER you get that one completely set up and working for you, THEN think about joining another one. If you join too many at once, you will quickly become overwhelmed, and frustrated when trying to set them all up that you will want to quit. Remember, do them one by one.




BEFORE you sign up for anything, take a look at some of these very useful tools; tools that can save you lots of time by allowing you to gain access to your accounts and process the credit emails MUCH quicker and easier.


RoboForm: Learn more...

Use RoboForm to keep track of ALL of your user names and passwords, not just those pertaining to your online marketing efforts.

  • Get a FREE fully functioning copy of RoboForm password manager on multiple computers and mobile devices, all in sync, to manage up to 10 logins.
  • You will quickly find that you will need the capability to store many more than 10 logins. Upgrade to RoboForm Everywhere for unlimited passwords, form filling, and bookmarks on multiple computers and mobile devices kept in perfect sync. All for just $9.95 for the first year; $19.95 after that.


Referral Builder Elite

  • Manage the Downline Builder pages for all of your safelist, solo ad and traffic exchange sites.


Viral Mail Profits


Safelist Genie

  • A good tool for processing credit emails, especially after you have joined quite a few safelists.


Traffic Zipper


Traffic Codex


Top Viral Mailers




A solo ad is similar to a safelist, except you must PAY for most solo ads, whereas, emails sent to safelists are generally free.



  • This is an excellent site for buying solos ads from the site owners.
  • Udimi is FREE to join.
  • You pay the site owners when you want them to send a solo ad to their personal lists on your behalf.
  • You receive a commission when people YOU refer to Udimi buy solo ads.


Realtime Ad Blast


Supercharged Solo Ads


Extreme Solo Ads




A safelist is a “mailing list” of members who opt-in to receive email ads from other members of the same (safelist) mailing list.

  • In exchange for members viewing emails (ads) from other members, they receive ad “credits” which allows them to then post their own offer, program, or opportunity to the mailing list.
  • Every member views every member’s offers for ad “credits”!
  • The safelist does not send emails to anyone outside of the safelist.
  • This is NOT spam because every safelist member has physically opted in and confirmed their email addresses and consented to receiving these emails.


Genie Mailer



Prospect Geyser COOP



Prospect Geyser Viral Mailer



PG Viral Mailer



All Pro Mailer



Legends Mailer

[To be updated soon.]



Ad Labyrinth



Ad Troopers




Leads, Leads, Leads!



1-2-3 List






Quality Safelist

Click here to join Quality Safelist



Special Delivery Mailer

Special Delivery Mailer



Guaranteed Mails

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