Bitcoin — How to Make Money

Have you tried making money with Bitcoin?

There are MANY Bitcoin videos on YouTube. My advice is to avoid the older videos because many of the sites recommended in the older videos are no longer around.

Videos Recommended to Learn About Bitcoin.

When you come across some good videos, let me know and I will add them to this page.


  • A good, fast computer.
  • A good internet connection.

Here are things I am currently using, as of February 2017.

Step 1. Get a Bitcoin Wallet!

If you do not already have a Bitcoin wallet, CLICK HERE to create an account at Blockchain.

  • Enter a good email address.
  • Enter your new password TWO TIMES.
  • Click the box in front of “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service.”
  • Click on the button with “Continue”

There are more steps for this section. I will add them after I create another Blockchain account for someone.

Create and document the 12-word Backup Phrase and store it in a safe place.

Log in to Blockchain and create a separate wallet addresses for each Bitcoin program you are using.

  • Click on Settings
  • Then click on Addresses
  • Then click on +Add
  • Enter a short name for the new wallet, and click on the Create New button.
  • On the right-hand side of the screen on the line for the new wallet name, click on Manage.
  • Click on +Add Next Address
  • On the right-hand side of the screen, click on the pencil icon to Edit the name for the new address.
  • Click on Save.
  • When you are ready to use that wallet address to receive funds, go back to this screen and Copy the address and enter it in the other program to send funds from the other program to your Blockchain wallet.

Step 2. Join Programs to Earn Bitcoin.

Some programs are free to join and use, and others cost your money. There are many sites to choose from. I am sure there are some bad ones out there, but so far I have not had problems with any of them.

PAID Sites

  • You earn at a much faster rate than you do at the free sites
  • Here are some PAID sites that I am using to earn Satoshi. Just click on the program name to go to the website and join. Until you learn what to do, I DO NOT RECOMMENDyou join more than one mining program at a time.


  • Mining programs ONLY EARN BITCOINS FOR YOU AS LONG AS THEY ARE RUNNING, so if you forget to start the program after turning on your computer, NO BITCOINS FOR YOU until you remember to turn on the program.
  • Can be used free to mine for Bitcoin, but when you upgrade you earn Bitcoin at a much faster rate.

Slush Pool.

Hash Oceans.

BTC Flood. See Step 3.

  • This is a special matrix program to earn Bitcoin; LOTS of Bitcoin!
  • You need to have at least 0.040 BTC in your Blockchain wallet to pay for your first upgrade BEFORE YOU JOIN BTC Flood.
  • I will add you to our Facebook group so you can be placed in a strategic spot in BTC Flood. You can reach me:
    • On Skype at wayne.randall47
    • By email at

FREE Sites.

  • You don’t pay anything to join them.
  • The Satoshi (value less than 1 full Bitcoin) you earn on these sites are funded by the site selling ad space that fills the site’s screen in hopes that you will click on some of those ads and join those programs.
  • Just STAY FOCUSED and click to earn, but don’t click on any of the ads.

Here are some FREE sites that I am using to earn Satoshi.

Free Bitcoin.

  • Roll the dice. How much you win depends upon the number you roll.
  • Play every hour.

Bonus Bitcoin.

  • Free to use.
  • Solve a captcha and claim up to 5,000 Satoshi every 15 minutes

My Paying Crypto Ads.

  • Purchase Ad Packs and earn.
  • View Cash Links and earn

Take Free Bitcoin.

  • Solve a captcha and earn 7 to 18 Satoshi every 5 minutes; even more on bonus rounds

Step 3. Join BTC Flood.


I will add you to our Facebook group so you can be placed in a strategic spot in BTC Flood. You can reach me:

  • On Skype at wayne.randall47
  • By email at

BEFORE you join BTC Flood, make sue you have at least 0.40 BTC in your wallet to pay for your Upgrade to Activate your BTC Flood account.

We use this Team Build Link:

It is VERY IMPORTANT you let us help you get started. When I signed up my wife, her first account went under John Doe (which I thought was suspicious) and phone number 123-456-7890. I am glad that I was working with program Admins. They had my wife sign up again, but this time under a real person.

No matter how careful you try to be, there are always unscrupulous people out there trying to get something for nothing.

  • Fill out BTC Flood registration page, then click on Submit.
  • Check your Inbox for the email address you used to join BTC Flood. Locate the User Registration Activation Email from BTC Flood, and click on the verification link in it to “Activate” your BTC Flood account.
  • Go to Blockchain and Copy your wallet address for BTC Flood, so you can add it to your BTC Flood account so you can upgrade your BTC Flood account.

Upgrade and activate your BTC Flood account

  • In BTC Flood, click on My Money
  • Click on Bitcoin Wallet
  • Click on the pencil icon to Edit the wallet address box
  • Paste the Blockchain wallet address for BTC Flood into the box
  • Enter the answer to your security question
  • Click on Submit to Save your wallet address to your BTC Flood account.
  • Click on My Money in the left menu
  • Click on Upgrade
  • After confirming with our Facebook Admins that the correct Sponsor’s name is there, confirm that the To Wallet address is YOUR wallet address from Blockchain.
  • In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, highlight and copy (using Control C) the sponsor’s wallet address.
  • Go back to Blockchain
    • Click on Send at the top of the Be Your Own Bank screen.
    • On the Send screen, click on the drop down arrow on the right-hand end of the box and choose the wallet address for the program you want to send the funds to.
    • In the TO box, paste your Sponsor’s wallet address
    • In the BTC box, enter the amount you wish to send, i.e., 0.04.
    • In the Description box, enter something like “Upgrade for [your name]”
    • Click on Next Step.
    • Review the entries.
      • The From Wallet address should be YOUR Blockchain address
      • The To Wallet address should be your Sponsor’s wallet address
      • The amount for the first upgrade should be “0.04

    • If everything is okay, click on Send.
    • Click on Transactions in the menu on the left side of the screen.
    • Locate this transaction and click on the red SENT.
    • Click on the icon of a little square with an arrow going up out of the right hand corner.
    • Right under the Transaction title is a long series of numbers and letters in a highlighted area. Highlight those numbers, then Copy them using Control C.
  • Go back to BTC Flood and Paste that Transaction Hash code into the box on the Upgrade screen.
  • Review the entries on the Submit the Transaction Hash ID screen. If they are correct, click on Submit.
  • You should see a message similar to “BTC Alert: Congrats. You Successfully Upgraded Your Level.”

Good luck. I hope you earn lots of Bitcoin too.

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