Be Persistent and Consistent

All too many people think that all they need to do is just find a program and sign up for it and they will magically begin receiving huge amounts of money into their bank accounts; overnight millionarie.

Wrong! There is WORK involved.

How many of us have a “regular job” where you can just go online each week to check your bank account to see how much you were paid for doing nothing?

After you come back to reality you learn that if you want to make money, YOU need to do something in exchange for receiving the money.

No matter what program or business you are involved with, there is ALWAYS a learning curve where you learn about what is required of you and how you do it.

What kinds of things? There’s an endless list of possibilities. Primarily you need to locate prospects or contacts to join you. There are many sources, some of which are advertising on:

  • Safelists
  • Traffic exchanges
  • Social media
  • In addition to free places, you can also use paid advertising, such as solo ads.

No matter what tasks you do to promote your program or business, you need to be PERSISTENT and CONSISTENT with it, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Not just today and then again next week. Do some income-producing activity each day, DAY after DAY after DAY to promote your program. The more people see your name and face on the ads, the more they will begin to recognize you and learn to trust you. With that comes more signups to your programs.

You can’t learn everything in 5 minutes. You have to learn to crawl before you can walk, and learn to walk before you can run.

Attack the marketing in small bite-size pieces or you will quickly become overwhelmed and want to quit.

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